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Ecuador is a multi people country, with big cultural, natural and archaeological wealth; more situated in full equatorial line, in wide zero. He has 256,370 squarely kilometres of surface what makes clear that it is to smallest of the Andes country, but counts on the biggest biodifference by square metre of the continents. Ecuador is on the equatorial earthly line by which his area is in both hemispheres. He understands two distant rooms between himself: The continental area in the northwest of South America with some adjoining islands in the coast and, the island group or island province of freshwater tortoises which is in nearly 1,000 kilometres of the distance of the ecuadorianischen coastal region in the Pacific Ocean. The main unities of the ecuadorianischen relief are the coastal level in the north of the gulf of Guayaquil, the incision of the mountain chain of the Andes in the middle of the country and a wide sector unterbrachtem in the east of the Amazon level of the country. Against the southwest becomes the gulf of Guayaquil interrupted where the river Guayas flows into the Pacific Ocean. The highest active volcano of the world rises on the mountain chain of the Andes, the Cotopaxi very near to Quito, the capital. The highest point of Ecuador is the volcano Chimborazo, with 6.313-metre-high at the level the lake and his summit the most distant place in the core of the earth because of the elliptically silhouette of the planet is. Viajes Ecuador Voyage Equateur